We all have dreams! Now lets achieve them!


We all want different things in life: vacation time with family, a new car, a new home, a new career, freedom, stop living paycheck to paycheck, easier life, the list is endless.

So let’s break it down, yes I know it is hard to do.  Let’s fulfill those dreams, work towards your dreams, make goals and award yourself with freedom.

If you have no desire to fulfill your dreams, leave the blog and stay right where you already are in life and learn to accept it.

If you want to change your lifestyle and take the challenge, then take action and take control of your destiny.



    •   What are those Dreams? I will share my dreams with you. I want to be free from corporate deadlines, free from an office cubicle space, be able to make my own office hours. To be able to do good for others and drive my kids crazy with all my free time.
    •     How are you going to bring your dream to life? I am going to learn how to start my own digital online business. Learn from others who are living the digital lifestyle.
    •     What are your short-term dreams? Take a vacation with my husband and start reading self-improvement books and take the time to understand “the secret”.  You can watch the movie on YouTube at Yhttps://youtu.be/EC_YmdPy2h0
    •     What are your long-term dreams? Take longer vacations and travel farther with my husband. To also be able to afford a traveling retirement.
    •      What makes you feel good? Being me, living, laughing, time with family. Being able to give value back to other and the community.


        • What are those Goals? Become an Entrepreneur! A good book is “The Go-Giver”.
        •  How are you going to set those goals? I started learning about Entrepreneurship, did my research, I stayed resilient and driven.
        •  What are your short-term goals? Find a program that offers mentorship, a vast community of like-minded people and has resources to guide me on my path. Start mapping out and setting up my online business.
        •  How are you going to do to achieve them? I set 2 hours aside every night to work on my dream and set weekly goals.
        •  Did you achieve them? So far, yes I have, I am currently 3 months into my plan and I have launched a website www.fancyfreelifestyle.com, business Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube account. I am feeling in control of my own destiny.
        •  If not how are you going to fix that? You need to want the change. Restrategize your goals.
        •  What are your long-term goals?  I want to be able to afford to retire. To have a website earning a passive income and living the life of freedom from the corporate world.
        •  Celebrate those achievements. Do be careful, don’t let ego and selfishness take over and be sure to re-invest in yourself.

Stay focused on your dreams, be resilient, resourceful, stay driven and acknowledge the milestones.  You can build a business and earn an income from your passion. My name is Tishka Myre and I believe in you.

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